T minus 23 days and counting


Ni Hao!  Welcome to my new blog!  This will follow my adventures in Asia.  In 23 short days, I will be heading to Vietnam where I will be working in the orphanage where our darling toddler, Nate, whom we hope to adopt soon, is currently living with 20 other babies who have parents in the U.S. waiting for them.  Governmental issues are preventing these children from coming home, so we’re going to them!

Ten days later I head to Shanghai, where my husband, Nick and I will be living for the next 10 months. 

We’re both excited about this endeavor and refer to it as our own version of the “Amazing Race.” 

We’re busy checking things off our list of 36 things to do before we leave. Today, I went to the travel clinic to find out what inoculations and medicines I needed.  Whoa!  I have to get four shots tomorrow and pick up two Rxs that will prevent me from getting Malaria and Typhoid and one that would help should I be unlucky enough to get a nasty stomach bug.  Naive as I may be, I didn’t realize Typhoid was still a concern.

Bet my arm is sore this time tomorrow.