More than half-way there


I have a 4-hour lay over in Hong Kong, and, what do you know?  I have great internet access.  So, I thought I’d enlighten you on my journey thus far.  Luckily, it has been quite good, though now I know why I don’t make it a habit to be on a plane for more than 7 or 8 hours.  15 is brutal!

When traveling, especially internationally, you can usually find a character or two on your flight.  And lo and behold, I had no trouble spotting one on this plane ride.  In fact, I was almost forced to focus on him.  He was seated one row in front of me, but across the aisle. 

He was quite a large man, and every time he got up from his seat (which was at least five or six times), he mooned me and anyone else in his path.  He apparently thinks nothing of it.  To make matters worse, the belt on his pants, which is not hooked together, whacks me in the head each time he walks by to go to the bathroom.

Sir, excuse me please, but if your belt was fastened perhaps you wouldn’t have your trousers down around your knees each time you stand up.  God bless the poor soul who is sitting in front of him and accidentally gets a gander at the front of that moon.  I saw someone push the flight attendant call button and ask for a hot poker to poke in his eyes.  That must have been why.

The other interesting thing that I witnessed so far,  was three Chinese nationals accosted by the U.S. Customs officer on the jetbridge down to the plane.  One officer had a German Shepherd and he was particularly interested in these people.  From what I heard from the one questioning officer to a guy holding a wad of cash, “You understand that you can’t take more than US $10,000 cash out of the country, right?”  The offender was either a magnificent actor or truly naive because he looked up at the officer and said, “I’m not sure I understand.”  This was better than a Law & Order episode and I would’ve gladly gawked some more to see what happened, but I had to keep walking so that I wasn’t holding up the flight.  And, I didn’t see any of them get on the flight…

One hour til my flight for Ho Chi Minh City leaves – going to the orphanage tomorrow morning.

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