Funny observations on Shanghai thus far


I am really loving this city so far.  I hope that it’s not some kind of weird defense mechanism arising from the unusual stress that I was under last week.

I wanted to post a few things that I’ve found amusing so far:

  • We cannot find a digital, plug-in alarm clock anywhere  – searched high and low, and asked, pantomimed and pleaded with sales people for some help.  Best Buy doesn’t have them.  Really?  Back to using our cell phones to wake us up.
  • Apparently, there are no dryer sheets in China.  I thought it was just a matter of me not knowing where to find them at the grocery or mistaking a box of them for Triscuits or something (because sometimes there is no indication on the box of what you’re buying at all).  I had lunch with a woman who’s been here almost two years and she confirmed it, so they will be imported (as I am also doing the liquid fabric softener incorrectly in the washer).
  • The apartment lobby has been playing “The Little Drummer Boy” by Kenny G for the last two days – I have no idea why.  Xmas is not celebrated here, and it’s even early by the US standards to play it.
  • Someone thought I was French yesterday.  I was walking down the street and saw a guy selling DVDs out of a suitcase, legit, I’m sure.  I stopped to see if he had any of the latest episodes of The Office or Mad Men, but instead he kept showing me French titles.  I just shrugged and said, “Non, merci.”
  • I paid $4 for a box of Duncan Hines brownies, that I’m pretty sure are about $1.79 in the States (and I have to make them myself.)  Of course, we have no baking pan to put them in or Pam, but at least they’re in my pantry.

More exploring this weekend!

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