We made it!


After 25 long hours, we are in Ho Chi Minh City, but head down to Southern Vietnam this afternoon.  Jet lag has reared its ugly head and Nick and I have goofy sleeping patterns right now, but I hope I kicked it last night.  Our flights were uneventful which is always good.  During our 4-hour layover in Beijing we met a very nice, but drunk 74-year old Korean man who just loved Nick and we spent about 30 minutes trying to communicate with him via his very limited English and our non-existant Korean. 

He was very proud of Nick (and gullible) when Nick told him that he was 40 years old, but that I was 25.

Landed in hot and muggy HCMC late Sunday night, but breezed through immigration and made a beeline for our shuttle to the hotel.

As soon as we got to our hotel, we had beers with the Cowleys and were/are still marveling at the fact that we’re here.  Despite being with friends half-way around the world, Nick and I still feel like we’re just on one of our trips like we’d do when we lived in Shanghai.  I have a feeling that may change today when we head down to Southern Vietnam.

We were pleasantly surprised that our hotel’s satellite TV package contained our old favorite stations that we used to watch in China, made us feel right at home.  It’s the little things…

We ventured out in downtown HCMC yesterday to a market where the vendors rivaled the pushy sales people of Shanghai.  After running through their gauntlets, I was able to get some awesome prices on a few trinkets and some darling traditional Vietnamese clothing for Nate.  Despite my lack of language skills here, the negotiating tactics that I learned in China didn’t fail me.  I guess my hand gestures and head shaking of “too much” has international understanding.

We’re still not sure what the next few days will bring.  We are still waiting on information, but pray that we will be with Nate on Thursday and that our G&R will be scheduled soon.

Regardless, later today, instead of 7,500 miles away we will be 30 miles from our darling little boy.

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  • How many families are traveling now? So exciting! It is so hard to believe that you guys are THERE, about to do your G&R. Just feels like a miracle. Felt like a miracle for us too.

  • I'm so happy you are able to be there as a group! All your hard work and dedication is paying off! I can't wait to see pics of Nate with his Momma and Daddy!

  • Wishing you and Nick a speedy G and R ceremony. Hoping your next post is that you all are winging your way home and Nate is excited about flying.

  • We are all 7,500 miles away- you are not alone! Can't get you guys off my mind. Please keep the updates coming, there is comfort knowing what you all are up to. Little dude and big sis send a "mostest" to you.

  • Definitely praying and thinking of you often. December 1st is our Family Day. Hoping that's a special day for you and that you can enjoy a drink on the roof of the CM Best, talking about the day you had with your children. Praying for a G&R soon!

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