Christmas Eve in Ca Mau


It’s already Dec. 24 here in Ca Mau and, in Vietnam, it’s actually the day that the Christians here celebrate Christmas.  We had evidence of that yesterday and today – we’ve seen three Santas on motorbikes.

Things are FINALLY progressing and we expect to have more details to share very, very soon.  We are very eager to come home, but most of all, we want to have Nate with us.  It’s been very difficult to be here and not be able to visit him.  This trip has toughened our resolve more than I ever imagined; has bound us with an amazing group of other waiting parents; and I am sure will make even the little things with Nate like taking him for ice cream or giving him a bubble bath feel like the most remarkable events in the world.

I can’t say enough how much everyone’s love and support has meant to us.  We could not have gotten through this without the love, prayers, and messages of hope.  So, for now, we are just waiting on a Christmas miracle!

Last Sunday, we took a tour of the area – these are basically lean-tos that people live in off one of the tributaries.

Most people ride motorbikes – very few cars in Ca Mau

Boats docked at the Ca Mau Wet Market – both bringing goods to it and taking them away.  These boats had loads of potatoes, watermelon and the stinky Dorian fruit.

Dried fish vendor

Off the beaten path is an amazing temple that is currently under construction.

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  • Praying a G&R is just around the corner!! Please know that all of us back home have you families in our hearts this Christmas. Even though you can't celebrate the way you wish you could, you will have an amazing celebration very soon!

    Praises for the strength you have and the friendships you have formed! It is so hard to see the good in our situation so many times. I can honestly say that I am a better Mom due to what we went through to get here. I know it doesn't compare to your wait and your struggle. You are ready for your happy ending now, and you, Nick, and Nate deserve a lifetime of happiness together!! I am proud to know you Momma!!!

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