The three LeRoys are heading home!

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Good daddies let their sons put stickers all over them.

We were blessed with the best Christmas miracle besides the one that happened 2011 years ago…  as one of my other dear friends said yesterday, a legal acknowledgement of what we have known for three and a half years occurred yesterday at 9am – we are Nate’s parents.  After 1,291 days, we finally had our Giving and Receiving Ceremony in Bac Lieu, Vietnam with five other families.  Families, who, like us have never lost hope on bringing their children home or have stopped fighting for even one moment.  Our only loss of joy was that our wonderful friends, the Cowleys, still have a few days to wait, but they will be home soon.

Most of the ceremony was simply writing signatures and hearing that our adoptions had been granted.  At the end, they brought our children in.  Nate was first and he immediately wanted to run to Nick, but they made him walk up with one of the provincials and he lunged for me when the man was holding him.

Since we needed to be in Ho Chi Minh first thing this morning to process our children’s passports and get authorization from the U.S. to bring them home, we had a seven-hour bus ride back.  No afternoon flights from Southern Vietnam yesterday.

Although it was a very long trip, the kids were awesome – no one cried at all and they were all so happy to be with their parents.

Nate has already achieved many firsts with us in his first 30 hours or so – playing on furniture, sleeping in a bed, eating at a table (first spaghetti), bath, swimming, eating french fries with ketchup and part of daddy’s cheeseburger — and finally, not having to share his toys or be afraid someone else will yank them out of his hands.  He is also already saying words in English.  He told Nick “I love you” this morning when we were at the pool.  I think my heart melts about every ten minutes with this kid.

He and Nick are napping right now and it’s the sweetest sight I’ve ever seen.

We leave for the U.S. on Tues. night and will be back in Indy on Wednesday around 2pm.

Again, thanks so much for everyone’s support and love.  We are overwhelmed with joy right now and cannot wait for you to meet one amazing little boy.

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  • Woohoo!!!!! Hooray!! Yippee!!! We loved reding this post and Nate's "I Love You" to his Daddy earned sighs, tears and giggles from the Kelly boys. Safe travels! Can't wait to see you.

  • Lu, Nick and Nate,
    I have tears of joy with this news. It is SO long overude and SO very well-deserved. And, Nate saying "I love you" .. that is precious beyond words. Travel safely home. I'm so glad that you are finally together and am looking to meeting Nate and hearing all about the fun stories of your family.
    Merry Christmas!
    Jen Morrow

  • After I left my comment last night I deduced that you were one of the 6 families and was so happy for you! Praying for safe travels! Can't wait to meet all of you!

  • This is a fantastic and affirming news — that it's finally legal and that the kids were all SO ready to be in your arms — a public display for all to see!

    YAY! Looking forward to seeing you all together in the flesh some day.

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