Three weeks home


Sorry it has been a while with no updates, but the LeRoy household is humming with activity by one pretty amazing little four-year old – and not much time for mommy to do other things.  Nate has transitioned incredibly well  – I know we are a bit biased, but I contend that he is doing well by any standards.

There are moments during the day when it feels like he has been with us since birth.  He is a fun, funny, loving, energetic and good kid.  He loves trying to learn English and being silly around the house.  He is singing the ABC song AND Doe A Deer and is counting to 20.  I think he picks up 5-10 new words a day and pretty much understands almost everything we say to him in English.  He’s also saying full sentences (well, 3-word sentences).  “Me (mommy in Vietnamese), ketchup please.” or “Daddy walk dogs.”  Wish I could learn a language like that.  My Vietnamese is limited to the words for banana, cat, thank you, frog and pig.

One of the biggest challenges that we’re having right now is his dental health.  His teeth are just awful and that’s been confirmed by a wonderful pediatric dentist team that we’re seeing.  Next Wednesday he goes in to the hospital for a one-hour, multi-procedure.  The bad news is that he is having several teeth pulled and several teeth capped.  The good news is that he won’t remember anything and it will be done in one hour.  The best news is that his teeth won’t hurt any more.

Since we’ve been home, 10 children from the orphanage are home in the U.S. and the 11th will be home in about 48 hours.  Unfortunately, that may be all of them for now, but as far as I understand, they are still fighting for the last five.  Please send prayer to those families.

We wish everyone a happy Tet (Vietnamese new year, which starts on Sunday)!

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  • Yea!! We'll be saying some special prayers to St. Appolina for Nate on Wednesday. (How oh how did we ever know how to direct our prayers to the appropriate patron saint before Google?)

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