Meet Alex (except that I can’t post the photo for some reason)


Our flight to Fuzhou from Hong Kong (just about 80 minutes) was over an hour late, so as soon as we got to our hotel, Alex was waiting for us!  He toddled around the lobby until I ran over to him.  He was a bit shy and nervous, and we went up to a conference room so that we could sign temporary custody papers.  And with that, we had him for the night!  He cried for almost two hours until he finally fell asleep.  Poor boy!  He actually preferred sleeping with us rather than the crib in our room, and when he woke up a few times in the middle of the night, he just looked at me and fell back asleep.

When we woke up this morning, we had a different boy.  He was happy and laughed and really started to trust us.  We had breakfast and then went to sign our official adoption papers.  So, today was our family day!  We had to make a few official stops and even ran into another American couple adopting their little boy, who looks about the same age as Alex.  Penny, our “fixer” told us that a couple of years ago, there might be 10-15 American families adopting children from Fuzhou each week, and now it is rare to have even one a week.  International adoption statistics came out yesterday, and tragically, US adoptions of international children are down for the 8th straight year.

Our first “unofficial” trip was to Walmart to buy snacks, a stroller and diapers (yikes, I will need help from my friends with potty training!).  We went back to the hotel for a nap and then went on a walk around the lake in front of our hotel.  It’s a beautiful area with several parks, paddle boats and a museum.

Alex is a very sweet and gentle boy.  His lip repair is much worse than we anticipated and he can make sounds, but so far, has not spoken.  He loves playing with the toys we brought him, and responds well to us talking to him.  Right now, he is sitting between us on the bed, looking at a book (Thank you Meg Fuertges!). 

For some reason, I cannot post a photo, so any FaceBook friends, go there to see our first pic together!  I need to turn attention back to our darling boy as he is minutes from bedtime, and I think I might be too!

Love to you all!

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