What do Shopkins have to do with Stonehenge?

European Escapades

“Look, Mama! Shopkins Stonehenger!”

I glance over at my 6-year old who has taken all of his Shopkins and strategically placed them in a circle formation with Uno cards underneath to represent the cap stones.

I’m filled with pride, a giggle, and find myself a little misty-eyed at the sight.

We had arrived home from our spring break in the United Kingdom just 18 hours earlier.

Our Stonehenge adventure was something special. My husband and I had both been to London a number of times, but had never been out to see the ancient site. With mixed reviews from friends and family who had been, I wondered about putting it on our itinerary at all. “Yeah…it’s just a bunch of rocks, kind of anticlimactic.”

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