Visiting our neighbors to the North in Toronto

Canadian Crossings

One of my favorite family vacations as a kid was my first time out of the U.S.  – a trip to Toronto.  It was also one of the first trips that I helped my parents plan, weighing in on what to see and do.  I’ll never forget crossing the border under the Maple Leaf flag, road signs in French and English, wondering what awaited us in this new country.  Turns out, it was pretty similar to the U.S., aside from the currency and metric system, but there were enough differences to start piquing my interest in exploring more of the world.

Graffiti in Kensington Market

The things that make Toronto a great city in general, also make it a great city to explore with kids.  It’s unpretentious

CN Tower

– cool without really knowing how cool it is; hip without being too trendy.  It’s one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world which adds a uniqueness and interest that draws you in even more.  Toronto is somewhat similar to New York City, not in size, but in scope – it has a waterfront, ample public transportation, horrible traffic, great culture and museums, unique neighborhoods and restaurants that wow foodies.

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